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Internal Medicine - Check-Ups - Nutritional Med. - Rheumatology

Dr. med. Birgit Gergelyfy

born 1956 in Taufkirchen/Vils
1975-1982 Academic studies of human medicine, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
1983 Conferral of the doctorate (magna cum laude)
1982-1990 Assistant at the Outpatient Clinic for Medicine of the Munich University (Prof. Dr. Zöllner, specialist for metabolic disorders) and at the Unit for Rheumatism (Prof. Dr. Schattenkirchner)
1990 Admitted as specialist for internal medicine and award of the sub-specialisation for rheumatology
1990-1991 Assistant at the Division for Medicine I. of the Neuperlach City Hospital (head physician Prof. Dr. Ottenjann)
Since 1991 Senior physician at the Division for Medicine I. of the Munich Red Cross Hospital (head physician Prof. Dr. von Arnim)
Since 1991 Management, organisation and presentation of ultrasound training courses in cooperation with the Bavarian State Board of Physicians according to the applicable KV (Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) and DEGUM (German Association for Ultrasound in Medicine) guidelines
2001 Awarded the sub-specialisation for gastroenterology
2002-2008 Managing senior physician of the Division for Medicine I (specialization: cardiology
Since 2006 Treatment of obese patients with gastric balloons, nutrition therapy and exercise
Since 2008 Nutrition specialist DAEM (German Academy for Nutritional Medicine) /DGEM (German Association for Nutritional Medicine)
Since 2009 Set-up of a private practice


For private and self-paying patients
Theatinerstr. 35
80333 Munich

Phone: +49 89 2555 757 92
Fax: +49 89 2555 757 93
e-Mail: info@mediplex-muenchen.de


The private practice for internal medicine of Dr. Birgit Gergelyfy

is located in the heart of Munich at Theatinerstraße – a short distance by foot from Odeonsplatz and Marienplatz. Dr. Gergelyfy provides her patients with comprehensive and personal care for all problems related to internal medicine. Medical experience, knowledge of human nature and the famed „gut feeling“ are perfect prerequisites for establishing a sound diagnosis: prior to setting up her own practice in early 2009, Dr. Gergelyfy worked at acute care hospitals for many years in different areas of specialisation associated with internal medicine. Thanks to her numerous additional qualifications, she refers to herself as specialist for internal medicine with medical all around vision and focus on out-patient care.

Nutritional medicine is an important part of her activities as a personal physician. Aside from general nutritional advice, the adiposity management using gastric balloons is part of her areas of specialisation. With an average of 3 to 4 gastric balloon implantations a week, she is one of the leading capacities in Germany.

Another focus is on general medical check-ups which include all main organ systems and for which the specialist for internal medicine is applying her extensive experience in ultrasound imaging. Dr. Gergelyfy is an expert in this field and has been organising high-quality ultrasound training courses in cooperation with the Bavarian State Board of Physicians for 20 years; she is often consulted by peers for a second opinion.

The performance range of Dr. Gergelyfy is rounded off with the rheumatologic intensive care of patients. In all aspects of her field of expertise, Dr. Gergelyfy attaches great importance to the interdisciplinary exchange with colleagues working in related areas of specialisation.

Dr. Gergelyfy is exclusively treating private and self-paying patients because she wishes to spend extra time for in-depth discussions with her patients, the necessary diagnostic procedures and customised treatments.



  • Internal medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Nutritional medicine


  • Adiposity management with gastric balloons
  • Nutritional medicine
  • Health check-ups and cancer screening
  • Rheumatologic diagnostics and therapy
  • Undersea medicine
  • Travel medicine
  • Vaccinations

Functional diagnostics

  • ECG
  • Exercise ECG (ergometry)
  • Prolonged ECG
  • Long-term blood pressure measurements
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Laboratory tests


  • Abdominal region (abdominal sonography)
  • Heart (colour doppler echocardiography)
  • Lungs and pleura
  • Thyroid
  • Blood vessels (colour duplex sonography)
  • Joints, muscles and tendons
  • Lymph nodes
  • Contrast sonography


Professional Association of German Specialists for Internal Medicine (BDI)
German Association for Rheumatology (DGRh)
German Association for Digestive and Metabolic Disorders (DGVS)
German Association for Nutritional Medicine (DGEM)